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The demo integrates Microsoft's Virtual Earth Web Service and API to embed a map into a PHP application. Web site users can add their location to the map and the map displays a pin for every user location stored in the database.


The overall goal of this project is to demonstrate how PHP applications can take advantage of Microsoft technologies. Microsoft's Virtual Earth is an example of an element of the Microsoft platform which can be consumed by and integrated into PHP web sites. The Virtual Earth API is exposed through a Javascript library making it straightforward to integrate into any web based application.

Project Solution

This project is provided as a kit. The solution package which can be downloaded from this site includes the code needed to embed a Virtual Earth map in a PHP web page. The map displays a pin for each location stored in the database and a form collects web site visitor locations. Step by step instructions are included to help you set up a database and appropriate table to store user submitted locations. Separate instructions are provided for SQL Express 2005/2008 and MySQL users.


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